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Privacy Policy

Last updated: on Nov 28, 2023

Information Collection

Local Browser Operations: FreshInbox exclusively operates within your browser, conducting all operations locally without transmitting or storing any data on external servers. All email management tasks, including unsubscribe, bulk delete, and advanced search functionalities, are executed directly within your browser environment.

Usage of FreshInbox

Local Browser Storage: To enhance your experience, FreshInbox utilizes local browser storage mechanisms to save preferences and settings on your local system. No data is sent or stored externally; everything remains securely within your browser's storage.

Data Security

Zero External Storage: FreshInbox adheres to a zero-external-storage policy. Your personal information and email data are not stored on any external servers. The extension's design ensures that all operations, including the handling of browser storage, occur locally on your device.

FreshInbox will not share any data with the third party AI Models.

FreshInbox's use and transfer of information received from Google APIs to any other app will adhere to Google API Services User Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements.

Your Privacy Matters

Localized User Experience: FreshInbox prioritizes user privacy by minimizing data transfer and storage. Your interaction with the extension is confined to your local browser environment, providing a secure and private experience without external data dependencies.

Landing Page Data Collection

No Data Collected: Our commitment to user privacy extends to our landing page. We do not collect any data from visitors to our website. Your visit to our landing page remains anonymous, and we do not employ any tracking mechanisms.

By leveraging local browser operations and storage, FreshInbox maintains a privacy-centric approach, ensuring your data remains under your control within your browser environment. Additionally, we uphold the same standard of privacy on our landing page, where no user data is collected.